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OrderFlow is powerful WMS specifically designed to support the fulfilment of consumer orders in high volume, multi-channel environments.

The warehouse management system for e-commerce retailers

We help e-tailers take control of their order processing and warehouse management, processing orders fast, accurately and cost effectively.

E-Retailer Process
E-Retailer Process

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Benefits of OrderFlow WMS

OrderFlow provides the features and services for e-commerce retailers to optimise every aspect of their warehouse management and order fulfilment.

Intelligent workflows

OrderFlow provides the tools and processes to “work smart”, increasing productivity and reducing operations costs. The end result is a more efficient and agile business.

Increased efficiencies and cost savings

The system has been designed to help identify and drive efficiencies to save you time and money. This includes order batching, optimum picking strategies, intelligent workflows, automation, returns management and barcode scanning.

Increased profits

The modern e-commerce environment requires both speed and accuracy to meet customers expectations. OrderFlow’s scalable solutions will enable you to achieve economies of scale through increased automation and increase efficiencies.

Increased automation

OrderFlow enables you to automate more of your processes to achieve greater productivity and more effective use of your resources. This  provides you with a scalable, agile solution to that offers a high return on investment (ROI).


In many circumstances it’s more efficient to get orders delivered directly from your supplier to your customers. OrderFlow provides a dropshipping module to automate the process, saving you time and money.

Returns management

The increase in e-commerce has inevitably resulted in an increase in returns. OrderFlow’s returns module enables you to process returns quickly and efficiently.

Intelligent reporting

To maximise your performance, you need real-time information to proactively plan and manage effectively. OrderFlow provides a 360 degree live view, with dashboards and reports customised to your organisation’s individual needs.

Multiple sales channels

Pool together orders from all your sales channels in one platform. OrderFlow allows you to process all your orders in a single environment but still gives you the flexibility to define different business rules and processes for each sales channel.

Integration with multiple platforms

OrderFlow enables you to integrate with multiple e-commerce platforms, ERP and accounting systems as well as multiple couriers. For more complex integration our support team is on hand to help you through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Advanced features

OrderFlow includes all the features and functionality you’d expect from a modern WMS. What makes it so powerful is that it also contains an impressive list of advanced features, which can be configured to your organisation’s individual needs.

Support multiple sales channels
Lot tracking
Manage multiple warehouses
Serial tracking
Advanced courier selection logic
Cycle counting
Powerful integration framework for complex integrations
Task interleaving
Kitting and assembly
Returns management
Customised warehouse management KPI dashboards
Barcode and handheld support
Warehouse management mobile app
Zone picking
Stock re-order alerts
Package type suggestion
FIFO and UFI management
Replenishment management
Works order processing

Real-time data and automation

OrderFlow has been designed to make your warehouse and e-commerce processes more effective, with intelligent processes and reporting configured to your individual business needs.

  • Real-time information on KPI performance
  • Automated reporting
  • Barcode scanning – intelligent workflows
  • Automated order batching and consolidation
  • Optimum picking strategies
warehouse automation

Customised for your business

What makes OrderFlow so powerful is that it’s a modular solution that can be configured to your individual needs. Processes, functionality and reporting can all be tailored to your business’s requirements to help drive efficiencies and improve productivity.

As your business grows or market needs change, the system has the flexibility and scalability to adapt to your revised needs – this is a solution that you won’t outgrow.

  • Customised workflows and functionality
  • Customised reports and MIS
  • Customised dashboards
configurable wms

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“The benefits of using OrderFlow were of huge value to our business."
Paula Abasolo – Dobell
"OrderFlow has streamlined and optimised our existing business."
Vicky King, Founder and Operations Manager Urban Industry
"Their approach was relaxed and customer-centric and they were happy to work with us to develop some bespoke functionality."
Martin Rourke, Beer Hawk’s Head of Operations
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