The WMS for 3PL and multi-client fulfilment

“We know we can get in touch with OrderFlow and they’ll drop everything straight away and help us”.

If you’re running a complex 3PL set-up, the OrderFlow 3PL service will allow you to stay ahead of client demands with flexible and future-proofed functionality.
Nexus Fulfilment
"I have confidence that theses guys behind the scenes are going to be able to make what needs to happen, happen."
Robbie Ferns, MD of Nexus Fulfilment
ProFS Group
“On the first night we picked, packed and sent out over 8000 items, and that operation has run very smoothly since.”
Gaël Mézec, CTO at ProFS Group
"... but even out of hours and at weekend, I’ve had issues and again, they’re always available"
Jonathan Jenkin, Director of Logistics at Peacocks

WMS for third party logistics

Third party logistics is difficult, multiple clients all clamour for your attention and they all have different needs and priorities. It's vital to have a WMS that can be tailored to match each client's requirements quickly and cost effectively.

Our MD and founder ran his own 3PL business in the UK. The very first versions of OrderFlow WMS were developed to support that operation and we've been focussed on multi-client third party logistics ever since. Almost twenty years later the majority of our customers are still 3PLs. We understand the sector better than any other WMS provider.

One warehouse or ten, ten clients or fifty, OrderFlow is the scalable 3PL WMS platform that you won't outgrow. We recognize that our user’s requirements are always changing, we’ll make sure OrderFlow is able to adapt and evolve as your business grows.
Flexible invoicing that allows you to offer tailored pricing to different clients and automates the production of monthly or weekly invoices....
  • Automatic client invoicing for different types of location by volume or usage.
  • Client specific rates for every warehousing and order processing task.
  • Flexible activity tracking for ad-hoc ‘off system’ work.
  • Tailor your warehouses to capture the necessary client-specific inputs within each warehouse process.
  • Month-to-date or week-to-date visibility of the current billing period.
OrderFlow allows you to configure the level of access and control you give to each client....
OrderFlow WMS mobile app Clients can view their own dashboards, run their own reports and be given whatever level of visibility and control you feel is appropriate over the different aspects of their warehouse operations.

The OrderFlow mobile app gives clients another way to quickly access configurable ‘traffic light’ dashboards to monitor the services you provide.

We understand how important it is to a 3PL to have the answers when your clients are asking you questions. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service that makes you look good....
  • Work with a UK based team who understand the detail of your business.
  • We’ll come onsite and work with you to identify the optimal solution for your particular requirements.
  • Proactive system monitoring and identifies potential problems before they arise.
  • Technical training provided to bring your in-house team up to speed if you want to get involved in the technical aspects of the platform configuration.
OrderFlow allows you to support complex functionality in a cost effective way, allowing you to win the high-margin business most 3PLs can't bid for....
  • Lot tracking and expiry date management
  • Cross docking of just-in-time deliveries
  • Kitting of composite products
  • ‘Hybrid’ fulfilment of trade and consumer order profiles from the same stock holding.
OrderFlow offers support for all the leading eCommerce and ERP platforms....

OrderFlow supports integration with the leading eCommerce and ERP platforms and also offers a public API for integration with bespoke platforms.

OrderFlow helps 3PLs win new business. We’re always happy to support you in your discussions with new prospects, demonstrating how OrderFlow can be used to support their requirements and exceed their expectations.

There are no off-the-shelf solutions here at OrderFlow. Just a WMS that is developed to fit your needs....

Our implementation specialists will come onsite to conduct a detailed discovery exercise before putting together a detailed proposal for a tailored system that is configured to meet your specific needs and the needs of your clients.


The OrderFlow service difference

With OrderFlow, you have a proactive and responsive warehouse partner to help you grow, work with new clients and drive efficiency into the future. You have direct access to the senior team, here to bounce ideas around, create proposals and help you win more pitches. For multiple and complex integrations, you have personal support on hand at all times.

It’s a true partnership. Combined with all the advanced features required by a 3PL WMS.

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In the 3PL industry, there are not many businesses who use a really good warehouse system to manage point of sale material – it’s a unique selling point from our point of view.
Robbie Ferns | MD | Nexus Fulfilment

Fine-tuned to your needs and your clients

OrderFlow is not only customised to your space and set-up, it can be adapted to the process and needs of multiple clients too so you can stay ahead of their requests

Strong partnerships

Ongoing conversations with our developers are a key part of our relationship and the team’s here when you need us - no waiting for your support call to be answered

A WMS that lets you seize new opportunities as they arise

Comprehensive functionality and customer support means the system can be quickly updated to support the needs of new clients.
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Comparing different systems?

OrderFlow MD Charlie answers some of your questions.

How does OrderFlow compare with an entry-level WMS system?

The customised nature of OrderFlow, our agility and tailored support mean our service is suited to companies with more complex requirements - it’s not an off-the-shelf, entry-level system. When we’re a good fit, OrderFlow has a much higher ROI than other options you’re looking at.

Discover why growing 3PLs choose to move to OrderFlow.

How will OrderFlow help my 3PL business win new clients?

Charlie talks about how we work with our 3PL customers to help them win new business.

The move to 'hybrid' warehousing

There is an increasing demand for 3PL warehouse solutions that can support both the despatch of small B2C orders to residential addresses and more traditional bulk fulfilment in pallet quantities from the same stockholding.

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