Warehouse lot tracking and traceability

Warehouse management and order processing for the food and drinks sector

The fulfilment of food and beverage has many challenges. Speed, accuracy, and traceability are essential to managing products in this sector.

Scale and future-proof your processes with a sophisticated warehouse management service that understands lot tracking and provides complete traceability of foodstuffs and other perishable products.

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“The team is really good at understanding what we’re trying to do, then creating real-life processes that solve the problem.”
Jonathan Jenkins EWM Group

WMS for the food sector

OrderFlow WMS enables food and beverage suppliers to meet the challenges of your sector with a powerful platform that is fine-tuned to meet your organisation’s needs. As your requirements change in response to new markets or new legislation our team will be on hand to ensure you can meet those challenges and seize the opportunities they present.

Detailed below are just some of the areas in which an OrderFlow WMS can help suppliers in the Food and Beverage sector.

Record and track lot numbers, expiry dates and best-before dates to eliminate spoilage.
Manage product recalls and quarantine stock if required.
Support SKU specific business rules for lifecycle management of stock
Real-time information on use-by-dates and remaining shelf life
Onboard seasonal staff quickly and manage them effectively
Accurate and efficient picking of stock
Integration with ERP & MRP systems to provide best-in-class solution
Product kitting and reworking with flexible substitutions to extend shelf-life
Flexible weighing-room processes and scales integration
Track yield and yield-loss in your manufacturing processes

The OrderFlow service difference

You chose your first WMS for the features it promised. You’ll choose your next one for the level of service. If the lack of customer support with your current system is having an impact, you’ll find this is the main difference at OrderFlow – evidenced by the fact that most of our clients have been with us for over 10 years. You have direct access to our team of experts who are invested in finding solutions to drive your business growth.

It’s a true partnership. Combined with all the advanced features of a modern warehouse management and lot tracking system.

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Something I’ve really enjoyed about working with OrderFlow is that, as the MD of the business, Charlie is very reachable - I can phone him at any time, chat through what we’re working on, what we need to achieve and what some of the challenges are. We’ve solved some very tricky tech stuff like this.
Robbie Ferns, Nexus Fulfilment

A personalised service

Speak directly to technical specialists who know your business, have visited your warehouse and understand food warehousing processes.

A partner that understands the needs of the food and drinks sector

Case and carton management, integration with your MRP platform and complete traceability. OrderFlow provides end-to-end lot tracking of your raw ingredients, through your manufacturing processes to the finished products despatched to your customers.

A WMS to match your growth and evolution

Boost your ROI with significant and continual improvements for your business
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Benefits of your scoping exercise

In the initial scoping exercise, our technical team visits your premises, listens to your team and works to understand exactly what you need from your WMS. It gives you clarity and reassurance that your system will be customised to your needs – now and into the future.

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How the scoping exercise created a custom WMS for us and our clients

The team came out to South Africa to work with us and our clients to make sure the system would deliver what we needed
Robbie Ferns | Nexus Fulfilment

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Your questions answered

Can we track the use-by-date of ingredients and finished products?

Yes – OrderFlow can provide detailed lot tracking of all ingredients and finished products for FIFO, FEFO and LIFO management.

Can OrderFlow integrate with my MRP system?

Yes – OrderFlow can integrate with ERP and MRP systems to provide a best-in-class solution for the warehousing and fulfilment aspects of your operation. Your MRP integration can be designed to ensure complete traceability across all your warehouse and production processes.

Can OrderFlow integrate with weighing scales at goods in?

Yes – OrderFlow can integrate with industrial scales to capture the weight of stock received from incoming deliveries, to weight out raw materials before presenting them into your manufacturing processes or to weight and package the finished product received from manufacturing.

Can I track raw material ingredients, packaging and finished products?

Yes - OrderFlow maintains a complete audit trail of product lots (batches) through your manufacturing or kitting processes. You can track forward (what finished goods contain a particular raw material lot) and backwards (what raw material and packaging lots were used in the production of a particular finished product).

Can OrderFlow support multiple units of measure, such as cases and individual items?

Yes - you can define multiple units of measure (such as pallet, dolav, case or carton) and apply appropriate business rules to each.

Can OrderFlow enforce logic to keep allergens and other product categories separate?

Yes - the business logic within OrderFlow can enforce your operational rules, for example by ensuring that allergenic and non-allergenic products are never mixed. You can also see a complete audit trail of all stock movements to demonstrate that you’re following your own storage protocols.

Can we use OrderFlow to make product bundles?

Yes - OrderFlow provides advanced kitting functionality. You can make one-off product substitutions within a structured kitting process, and rework existing kits when necessary. (For example, the life of a composite product can be extended by replacing an item that’s nearing its use-by-date.) OrderFlow maintains a complete audit trail of the product lots used within all the kitting and reworking processes

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