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Our service

OrderFlow isn't just a WMS, it's a service based on long-term partnership with each of our customers. We pride ourselves in providing a tailored service that matches their current and future needs.

How we work

We have established processes for working closely with our customers to understand their unique requirements. We meet these with tailored solutions, with the flexibility to respond easily to future requirements as they arise.

Our dedicated customer service team implements new systems using a controlled process that minimises disruption. We provide ongoing support to keep operations running smoothly through the launch period and beyond.

orderflow infographic
orderflow infographic

We recommend the best solution for your warehouse and WMS

Our experienced team of experts will listen to your needs, analysis your requirements and configure the relevant modules of OrderFlow to meet your requirements. Any additional needs will be met by the development team. The result is a powerful WMS configured to your individual needs.

  • Customised workflows
  • Customised reports and MIS
  • Customised dashboards
configurable wms

We help you every step of the way

With OrderFlow it is not just about the powerful software it is about the service. We work closely with all our clients to gain a detailed understanding about their current and future needs and provide a system and service to meet those needs.

  • We identify the best solution for your business
  • We use our experience to provide help and advice
  • We provide help with complex integration
  • We are there to provide help and support for any future needs
helping you with logistics

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Benefits of OrderFlow WMS

OrderFlow provides a comprehensive range of benefits to optimise every aspect of your warehouse management and order fulfilment

Automated processes and intelligent workflows

OrderFlow supports door-to-door automated inventory movement through the barcode use of scanners

Live dashboard for 360 visibility

The system provides a comprehensive list of dashboards and reports which can be customised to individual client’s requirements.

Automated inventory management

OrderFlow provides intelligent inventory control modules to support FIFO and LIFO management, door-to-door inventory management and functionality such as automated reorder alerts.

Real-time data

The system provides live information on the status of all orders received and stock in your warehouse which is fed straight to the e-commerce front end systems.

24/7 access from anywhere in the world

The system can be accessed 24/7 via the internet from any location. Thanks to the mobile app you can also view the information you need while you are on the move.

Multiple Integrations

OrderFlow can be integrated with multiple e-commerce platforms, ERP systems, accountancy packages and couriers. For complex integrations are support team are on hand to handle the process if required.

Billing and invoicing

Automated bills and invoices can be produced by the system configured to your individual needs

Support multiple sites and sales channels

The system has been designed to support multiple online and offline sales channels and multiple warehouses. As your needs change the system has the flexibility to cope with the changes.

Flexible and future-proof

The system has been designed to scale to meet customers growth and adapt to meet their future needs. Customers never need to be concerned about outgrowing their WMS.

Track and trace

OrderFlow provides door to door material tracking modules to support FIFO and LIFO management and a full audit trail of all materials.

orderflow customer
"Technology is technology – what really matters is working with the right people and to me this is one of the biggest advantages of working with OrderFlow."
Patrick Secor | Social Imprints
"The team is really good at understanding what we’re trying to say and then creating real-life processes that solve the problem."
Jonathan Jenkins | EMW Group Project Manager
"I like that the team gets involved. They will come to your premises and do a walk and talk with you to better understand how your processes work and your specific needs."
Paula Abasolo | Dobell
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