October 12th, 2022 | Company news

Is your WMS provider better at marketing hype than product development?

Frustrated warehouse manager

Is your WMS provider better at marketing hype than product development?

Frustrated warehouse manager

If you struggle to get your WMS supplier to make changes when you need them you’re working with the wrong supplier.

Choosing a WMS provider who is responsive and able to tailor their service to your requirements is the single most important aspect of your choice. This approach is baked in to the way we work with our customers. In the interview clips below the MD’s of two businesses who use OrderFlow describe their experience.

Robbie Ferns, the Managing Director of Nexus Fulfilment talks about his experience of working with OrderFlow


Steve Hollis, Director of The Knitting Network talks about working with the OrderFlow team.



Most of the changes and enhancements requested by our customers are delivered quickly through configuration or by enabling existing functionality but if code changes are required they can often be delivered within a single six week release cycle. Even very significant changes are generally delivered within twelve weeks.

We’ve just announced the latest release of the OrderFlow WMS and order processing service, the most recent of seven substantial releases made this year. We’re immensely proud of the rate at which OrderFlow continues to evolve and of the professionalism of the development team that make it possible. We work to a rough six week release cycle, sometimes more and sometimes less, but on average we release a new version of the OrderFlow platform every six weeks, ensuring we give our customers the flexibility they need to respond to the changing demands placed on their business.

OrderFlow releases in 2022

Release Date Significant changes
4.2.8 6th Oct ’22 Extended support for calculating warehouse volumetrics
More options around the bulk printing of documentation for outgoing shipments
Mechanisms to dynamically control the size of picking batches
Validation of new product lots as they are created
A new API endpoint that allows third party platforms to trigger the completion of purchase orders
4.2.7 2nd Sept ’22 Integration with the Katana MRP platform
Extended integration with manufacturing workflows
API support for Shopify ‘fulfilment orders
Integration with Dear Systems
4.2.6 4th July ’22 Licence plate transfers between warehouses
More flexible putaway options for forklifts
Integration with industrial scales at Goods-In
Ability to manually create multiple picking batches (waves) with one click
Dynamic batch size limitations (e.g. based on time-of-day)
More flexible assignment of shipments to picking cart subdivisions
4.2.5 5th June ’22 Improved mechanism for receiving and handling weight-based raw material stock
New process picks stock by weight and consolidates into larger containers
New licence plate putaway option
Support for pin protection of user-defined operations
4.2.3 and 4.2.4 11th April ’22 A combined announcement that covered two OrderFlow versions
Extended range of alternative pick and short pick options
Standalone handheld process for splitting cases
ASN based receipt process for stock transfers between warehouses
Significant extensions to licence plate functionality
Support ad-hoc creation of licence plates in the handheld receipt process
Shipment split process for Royal Mail international shipments
Improvements to the rolling stock check functionality
4.2.2 9th Feb ’22 Maintenance release that added support for latest database and Java versions
Display product images in the returns receipt process
API support for deactivating products
Support for receiving stock in a ‘pending release’ state
4.2.1 3rd Jan ’22 Area specific putaway routing
Enhancements to lot sensitive stock assignment
HelpScout integration
Packing desk scales integration
Inter warehouse stock move tasks


Each release contains a mix of enhancements requested by customers and ‘roadmap’ developments, which we choose to do because we think our customers will find them useful. Upgrades are available to all our customers at no extra charge, our licence fee doesn’t change and the work require to apply the upgrade is included in our standard support arrangements.

Customers choose when they want to upgrade their OrderFlow environments, very few customers apply every upgrade but we encourage a ‘little and often’ approach to upgrades to ensure everyone is running a relatively recent version and is benefiting from the improvements each release brings. Upgrades are not disruptive and most customers upgrade their live environments three or four times a year.

OrderFlow customers know we will always work with them to find a timely solution to any of their WMS or order processing challenges, and that they’ll also benefit from a steady stream of other improvements that will benefit their business.

If you’re not able to say the same about your WMS partner then give us a call.