September 2nd, 2022 | Company news

OrderFlow Release 4.2.7

OrderFlow Release 4.2.7

We’re pleased to announce the release of OrderFlow 4.2.7.┬áIn this release we have introduced some notable features in the areas of system integrations, licence plates and product management.

In OrderFlow 4.2.7, we’ve continued to extend our integration with manufacturing processes, allowing OrderFlow to present raw materials to the start of a manufacturing process and receive the resulting finished products. The work allows us to support lot tracking between raw materials and finished goods and can also support loose ingredients where the required quantity has to be weighed out and the remainder returned to stock. The project has involved integration with the Katana MRP but is applicable to any MRP integration.

We’ve also extended our Shopify integration to support ‘fulfillment orders‘. This is a Shopify feature that allows different SKUs in an order to be despatched using different fulfilment services. For example, a furniture retailer may be using one 3PL to ship large items, and another to despatch accessories from a different warehouse. If OrderFlow is being used in just one of the warehouses concerned, the use of the fulfillment orders API can be helpful.

We’ve added to our integration with Dear Systems, covering areas such as purchase order import, goods receipt notification of exports, as well as export of lot tracking and expiry date related information.

In recent releases we have added substantial changes to the OrderFlow licence plate functionality, including the ability for putaway and picking of licence plates to be driven using ‘stock move tasks’. Prior to 4.2.7, this capability was available only for single-SKU licence plates. With 4.2.7 we have extended it to support multi-SKU licence plates (i.e. mixed pallets).

This release also covers many other areas with smaller changes, with over 60 small feature additions and bug fixes. If you’re an OrderFlow customer you can use this link to see the complete list of changes.