November 29th, 2023 | 3PL, Logistics, Order processing

Does your WMS allow temporarily staff to be effective?

For many etailers and fulfillment operations the Christmas peak is when the whole fulfilment operation is really challenged. Warehouse space, warehouse systems but most of all warehouse staff are put under more pressure than at any other time of year.

As volumes grow and your team starts to come under more pressure the first response is often to ask staff to extend their working day, and then to extend their working week. Next you might consider drafting in staff from other areas of the business. Although the additional overtime is often welcome there is limit to how much you can ask of your team. At some point, as volumes continue to grow, you will want to take on extra staff.

Life as a warehouse temp often feels uncomfortable. Being parachuted into a warehouse that is working at close to its capacity is not easy. The regular staff who know what they’re doing won’t have the time to really explain what’s expected of you. There’s a real temptation to just try and look busy without worrying too much about whether you might be making mistakes.

OrderFlow makes introducing temporary staff into your warehouse operation easy. Both the picking process and the packing process can be configured to be completely system driven. A new member of staff can be shown either process in ten minutes and you then be confident they know what to do and what’s expected of them.

The picking processes are driven by warehouse handhelds. The handheld process will prompt the user to scan the cart or tote they are picking into and then direct them through the picking face, picking items in the most efficient manner. The handheld will prompt them to scan locations and products as required, displaying images of the products to be picked.

The packing process will prompt the packers to scan each item to be packed before the customer paperwork and courier labels are produced, removing any chance of errors creeping into the packing process. OrderFlow will prompt the user to capture weights and packaging materials if these are required and display and order specific packaging instructions at the appropriate point in the process.

The warehouse teamleaders can track the productivity of each user, seeing at a glance what work each individual has done that day and what they have done in the last hour. Miss-picks and packing errors will be identified at the point they are made and an appropriate message displayed to the user to ensure the error is avoided. However these errors can also be logged and reported to help the team leaders identify which users may be struggling.

OrderFlow allows temporary staff to be introduced to your warehouse team in peak periods and will ensure they can immediately start work without slowing down more experienced colleagues or introducing errors into the despatch process.

It’s too late for us to help you with this year’s Christmas rush but give us a call in January to learn how we can help you ensure next Christmas runs smoothly.