September 30th, 2021 | Company news

WMS provider Realtime Despatch rebrands as OrderFlow

Realtime Despatch, a market leader in order processing and warehouse management systems, is changing its name to OrderFlow in order to align its brand with its product.

We’re delighted to announce that we’re rebranding and changing our company name from Realtime Despatch Ltd. to OrderFlow Ltd.

Our OrderFlow warehouse management system has become increasingly well known in the market, and our services have expanded to include the full spectrum of order processing and warehouse management software. We’ve found that people are increasingly referring to us as OrderFlow and we’re not going to fight it!

The new name is simply about harmonising our brand and providing consistency, helping our customers better identify our company and product in the marketplace. We will continue to provide an advanced WMS that helps customers unlock the full potential of their warehouse, along with market-leading customer support.

 Our new-look website can be found at, we hope you like it.