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Third-party logistics (3PL) firms

The powerful and flexible WMS for 3PLs from a partner who understands the sector.

Features and flexibility designed specifically for 3PLs

The OrderFlow platform has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of third-party logistics (3PL) firms, giving them the flexibility on a per-client basis to maximise their productivity and provide a better service to their customers.

E-Retailer Process
E-Retailer Process

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Benefits of OrderFlow WMS

A flexible and highly configurable solution that is perfect for 3PLs.

Increase capacity

Maximise the potential of your warehousing space.

  • Optimised stock control and put away processes
  • Improved inventory viability and control
  • Efficient stock movement
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Improved picking and packing processes

Increase efficiency

Maximise your warehouse’s efficiency and  reduce operational costs.

  • Faster picking
  • Faster packing
  • Eliminate mispicks
  • Intelligent workflows
  • Increase automation

Increase customer satisfaction

Maximise your customers’ satisfaction.

  • Faster order processing and next-day deliveries
  • Service personalised to customers’ needs
  • Integration to all your customers’ sales channels
  • MIS and reporting personalised to your customers’ needs
  • Increased order processing accuracy
  • Customer mobile app

360 degree visibility and reporting

Customisable dashboards provide live MIS of all your KPIs.

  • Real-time stock status
  • Real-time stock location of every item in the warehouse
  • Automated stock reorder alerts
  • Real-time status of every order in the system
  • Automated billing reports
  • Customer mobile app

Multiple warehouse management

OrderFlow provides the tools to effectively monitor and manage multiple warehouses.

  • Automated inventory management across multiple sites
  • Effective stock transfer and tracking processes between sites
  • Integration with multiple e-commerce platforms and couriers
  • Real-time data dashboard across all sites

Scalable and flexible solution

As your business grows and you win new clients, OrderFlow has the flexibility to manage your new needs.

  • Ability to manage multiple warehouses
  • Ability to integrate with multiple e-commerce, ERP and accounts systems as well as multiple couriers
  • Unlimited number of clients and users
  • Customised processes and procedures and be set up for all clients

Multiple integrations

OrderFlow provides the tools and support to manage all your integration needs.

  • Integrate with multiple e-commerce platforms
  • Integration with ERP and accounting systems
  • Integration with multiple couriers
  • Support for more complex integration provided

Dedicated customer service

OrderFlow provides dedicated customer service from a support team who understand the 3PL market.

  • Guaranteed two-hour response time
  • Help and advice from industry experts with knowledge of the 3PL sector
  • Help and advice from experts who know your individual system

System configured to your needs

What makes OrderFlow so powerful is that it can be configured to your organisation’s individual needs and processes.

  • Customised intelligent workflow
  • Dashboards and reports customised to your individual clients’ requirements
  • Integration with different clients’ couriers,  e-commerce and accountancy systems
  • Customised development for bespoke requirements

Advanced features

OrderFlow includes all the features and functionality you’d expect from a modern WMS. What makes it so powerful is that it also contains an impressive list of advanced features, which can be configured to your organisation’s individual needs.

Support multiple sales channels
Lot tracking
Manage multiple warehouses
Serial tracking
Advanced courier selection logic
Cycle counting
Powerful integration framework for complex integrations
Task interleaving
Kitting and assembly
Returns management
Customised warehouse management KPI dashboards
Barcode and handheld support
Warehouse management mobile app
Zone picking
Stock re-order alerts
Package type suggestion
FIFO stock management
Replenishment management
Works order processing

Real-time data and automation

All the critical data needed to run your business effectively and proactively is provided through dashboards customised to your individual needs.

Many key processes such a stock replenishment and order batching are automated to save you time.

  • Real-time reporting of orders from all sales channels
  • Real-time stock status
  • Real-time order status
  • Real-time pick and pack status
  • Automated billing 
  • Automated stock re-order alerts
warehouse automation

Customised for your business

What makes OrderFlow so powerful is that it’s a modular solution that can be configured to the needs of your business. Processes, functionality and reporting can all be tailored to you and your customer’s needs.

As your business grows or market needs change, the system has the flexibility and scalability to adapt to your revised needs – this is a solution you won’t outgrow.

  • Customised workflows and functionality
  • Customised reports, dashboards and MIS
  • Ability to integrate with multiple e-commerce platforms and couriers
  • Ability to add additional warehouses and users
Warehouse manager

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"The whole process is so agile and free of excessive red tape. It is possible to be discussing a new requirement on a Monday then testing the change later the same week"
Gael Mézec CTO of ProFulfilment
"The switch to OrderFlow has allowed KeepMe to become dramatically faster and more efficient"
Steve Anderson, Commercial Director at KeepMe
"It’s a huge advantage to have everything together in one place."
Patrick Secor, Social Imprints
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