March 11th, 2020 | Company news, Order processing

OrderFlow WMS introduces new Scan and Go feature

The upcoming OrderFlow 4.0.9 software release will introduce an optional Scan and Go order creation module that allows users to create orders ‘on the fly’.
The module allows a warehouse user to create an order using a handheld device, then build this on the fly’ by scanning the items they require directly from picking locations on shelves.

Simple and efficient

With Scan and Go orders, there’s no need to pre-create the order on an external system, such as a shopping cart, nor is there the need for separate order creation and picking processes.

The system provides a mechanism for configuring what information should be provided to initially create the order and can either be configured to allow the operator to then select all items from a single location, or to identify the specific picking locations for each stock item added to the order.

Make changes as you go

The operators will scan all of the items they require and add them to a cart, just like a shopper would fill up a trolley in a supermarket. If they change their mind on any previously added items, they can discard them simply by moving them off the trolley back into storage. After the completing an order, the process allows for an extra despatch step, with signature capture from the person receiving the goods.

Multiple warehouse applications

The Scan and Go order creation process could be applicable for a number of scenarios. Trade customers could use it for ad hoc orders from a store room. A sales person could use this feature for selecting the sample products they want to take to prospects. It could even be used for retail customers with orders taken from a showroom attached to the main warehouse.

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