July 29th, 2020 | Company news, Couriers, eCommerce, Logistics

OrderFlow update introduces new WMS features and integrations

Our latest WMS software update, OrderFlow 4.1.0, includes new features designed to help expedite urgent orders through picking and packing, as well as support customers shipping large, bulky items.

We’re pleased to announce the release of OrderFlow 4.1.0, the first major release of OrderFlow since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in the UK.

Development coincided with the UK lockdown, and so we took the opportunity to do some serious housekeeping, helping to future proof our application for the coming years and ensure we’re ready to respond quickly to new security concerns as they arise.

ParcelHub courier integration

With this release, OrderFlow introduces an integration with ParcelHub, a carrier management system owned by Whistl.

This integration is initially aimed at a wide range of Whistl services, but could in the future be expanded to cover services with other carriers.

Sales Owner module changes

OrderFlow’s Sales Owner module, which supports 3PL distribution of corporate sales and marketing material, has been given a significant boost in this release.

With this suite of functionality, sales owners can be used to control access to stock by different groups within an organisation. This release contains significant enhancements in the way these allowances are managed and logged, linked to physical stock changes, and communicated to third party systems.

One of the changes in this area was to create a new Collection Pickup option. Used in conjunction with the ‘Scan and Go’ module, it can support customer collection from a warehouse, a showroom or even a store.

Further OrderFlow WMS updates

In the 4.1.0 release we have added a number of smaller but still significant improvements. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • The ability to identify a particular batch as ‘urgent’, helping to expedite it through picking and packing.
  • A feature allowing for an automatic package split per item prior to packing, particularly helpful for customers shipping large and bulky items.

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