June 28th, 2023 | Company news

OrderFlow Release 4.3.4

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OrderFlow Release 4.3.4

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We’re pleased to announce the release of OrderFlow 4.3.4. This release includes enhancements in a variety of areas, from lot tracking and warehouse management through to integration with other systems, and more besides.

System Integration

In the 4.3.4 release we introduce a new integration to the the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. This integration covers the usual set of API operations for e-commerce systems, including order and product import, as well as inventory and shipment notifications.

We’ve added some new elements to our OrderFlow API integration. We’ve created a new order reinsert option, which effectively cancels an existing order (if present and allowed), and inserts a new order with the same reference. It is now also possible to use an additional originating order reference in a number of the API operations.

We also made a number of small improvements to our Shopify integration.

Lot Tracking

With OrderFlow 4.3.4 we’ve made it easier to query the status of product lots through the warehouse. The purpose is to make it easy to answer questions such as ‘Which raw material lots were used to manufacture the stock despatched in a particular customer order?’, or ‘Which customer orders used a particular product lot?’.

We’ve also made improvements to expiry date tracking functionality, making it possible to reject incoming deliveries of stock that don’t have sufficient remaining shelf life or checking that stock picked for a manufacturing works order is within the shelf-life parameters defined for the finished goods.

Warehouse management

With OrderFlow 4.3.4 we’ve added a number of enhancements to operational processes that are used day to day in the warehouse.

We’ve added support for GS1 barcodes on deliveries received on the desktop. This allows multiple fields of encoded information, including product, lot and expiry data, to be captured using a single scan. Previously, this feature was present only on deliveries received via the handheld.

We’ve also added the ability to receive directly into licence plates using a desktop-based receipt mechanism, once again introducing a feature that was previously only present in the OrderFlow handheld interface.

In this release we’ve added a new auditing feature for licence plates operations, making it much easier for example to determine the history of movements of a licence plate in and out of its nesting locations.

In OrderFlow 4.3.4, we’ve added a feature that allows for the capture of consumables/packaging via the handheld scan to pack operation. In this case, the feature was previously present only on the OrderFlow desktop GUI.

Activity and Billing

With the current release we’ve improved OrderFlow’s activity tracking functionality to allow for ad hoc recording of actions not directly linked to stock or shipment-related operations on the system. We’ve also made it possible to capture a price value for use as a billing input, which can be used by 3PLs to pass on third party charges.

Courier Integration

No OrderFlow release would be complete without some courier integration changes. In OrderFlow 4.3.4 these are relatively small.

We’ve added a mechanism to allow for automatic courier reselection, so if the courier service is found to be invalid once the order is packed (e.g. too big or too many packages in the shipment) the courier selection logic can be rerun to find a suitable alternative.

We’ve also added an option to suppress the automatic address correction that can apply for Evri shipments, as this can incur additional charges.

Other Enhancements

The 4.3.4 release includes over 80 other enhancements and bug fixes.

Please see this link for the list of issues addressed in OrderFlow 4.3.4.

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