May 26th, 2023 | Company news

OrderFlow Releases 4.3.3

Distribution centre

OrderFlow Releases 4.3.3

Distribution centre

We’re pleased to announce the release of OrderFlow 4.3.3, a major release with some significant new features.

Two Factor Authentication

OrderFlow 4.3.3 now supports two factor authentication. Users can now access their OrderFlow environment from an unrecognized network address if they confirm their identity using a code sent via SMS to their mobile number.

We have always encouraged customers to restrict access to their OrderFlow platform by source IP address. This is appropriate for office and warehouse-based operators. However it can be difficult in situations where the user is not associated with a fixed IP address, for example, when staff need to access OrderFlow from home, or where 3PL clients are using networks that do not provide a fixed IP.

Note that IP address white listing will continue to be used where possible. For users accessing the system from known addresses, no secondary authentication is required.

SSCC Package Labels

GS1 standards are gaining traction in warehousing environments across the globe, and over recent releases we have continued to add to our support for GS1 features. Version 4.3.3 allows a GS1 SSCC label to be added to individual packages within an outgoing shipment during the pack process.

The new release also allows the GS1 barcode to be used when adding a packed parcel onto a pallet licence plate prior to despatch.

API Endpoints

OrderFlow 4.3.3 includes a number of enhancements to the OrderFlow API. These include:

  • the ability to ‘reinsert’ both sales orders and work orders. In both cases, the operation is only possible when an appropriate point in the workflow has not been passed.
  • a new API endpoint that allows an external system to track the progress of open shipments through different states.
  • a new API endpoint to list purchase orders on the system, qualified by time range and state.
  • additional parameters to the deliveries and inventory listing endpoints.

OrderFlow GUI Changes

With 4.3.3 we’ve added a number of changes to the OrderFlow desktop user interface.

  • a mechanism to change stock quantity from stock detail screen (in addition to the existing product inventory and location detail screens).
  • additional work order search fields, as well as a supplier field on the product search.
  • a tailored view on the location detail page that is designed for locations that hold a very large number of stock items.
  • the ability to capture an additional ‘Entry Reference’ field against deliveries.

Other Noteworthy Changes

A number of other additions in the releases deserve mention.

We’ve added a mechanism to automatically change the status to ‘expired’ for stock that has become short dated. This allows for better inventory reporting when this situation arises.

We now allow for the damaged status to be automatically cleared from stock that has been moved from a damaged to non-damaged location. Note that this mechanism needs to be turned on, the default is for stock that is damaged to remain so until an explicit status change has been made.

With work orders, we now allow for a single ‘default’ location for receiving new stock. It is also possible (as before) to allow new manufactured stock to be received into a work order-specific incoming location.

Other Enhancements

The 4.3.3 release includes over 60 enhancements and bug fixes.