February 12th, 2021 | Company news

New OrderFlow release 4.1.5

Our latest WMS software update, OrderFlow 4.1.5, introduces new and improved functionality. This includes the ability to manage the sorting of packed shipments onto outgoing transport or courier collections. We’re also excited about a new reporting feature that enables easy access to valuable product data recorded on the system.

In this release, we’ve also focused on improving the usability and ‘look and feel’ of the software, as well as adding a number of other significant features.

Transportation module

OrderFlow 4.1.5 offers a new transportation module designed to assist operators in completing the final stage of the shipment despatch process; getting packed shipments scanned onto trucks.

This feature involves the setup of collection sorting groups, typically corresponding to carriers or a set of carrier services. Shipments can be mapped to these collection groups using scriptable business logic.

Once packed, shipments are then scanned onto licence plates (typically pallets or cages) with a corresponding collection group. These licence plates are in turn scanned onto transportations for the associated carrier in a handheld process that can require the user to capture the driver name and vehicle licence plate where necessary

A warehouse operation using this feature will benefit from an efficient, error free and fully auditable pack to despatch process.

Product sales summary

For some time we’ve been conscious of the potential to make better use of the product level information that OrderFlow collects every day. In OrderFlow 4.1.5 we’ve taken a big step towards addressing this, adding a set of data aggregation processes that capture raw sales and activity information for each SKU into a convenient and accessible form.

The information is gathered by product, within and across sites, and across a range of time periods.

The next stage of this effort will be to provide a suite of reports that makes this potentially valuable information more visible and easily accessible to business and management. We’ve added a couple of dashboard reports as an initial taster of this functionality, and will make further announcements in this area in future releases.

Dashboards and navigation features

A very closely related effort is around improvements to dashboards and navigation, also introduced in OrderFlow 4.1.5.

We’ve introduced a powerful charting library that produces great looking chart-based reports and continued to work on the style of the application, giving it a more friendly, modern look and feel. We’ve introduced some new and visually striking dashboard reports, and made a number of these available out of the box in the OrderFlow Android App.

Newly introduced with 4.1.5 and already very popular internally are the new drop-down navigation menuswhich make it much easier to move quickly between different parts of the application without having to navigate through intermediate screens.

Pack and dispatch KPIs

OrderFlow 4.1.5 makes it easier to set and track warehouse performance against shipment pack and despatch KPIs.

The idea here is that with a combination of built-in system logic and scriptable configuration, the application can determine the target pack and despatch time for each shipment. Any shipments that have missed or are in danger of missing their cut offs are easily identifiable and appropriately displayed.

Warehouse processes

OrderFlow 4.1.5 adds a number of enhancements in the area of warehouse processing and stock management.

We’ve built additional behaviour around the newly introduced stock status feature. Included are further checks on stock operations when using the OrderFlow handheld application.

We’ve also allowed location types to be associated with a stock status, so that new stock moving into associated locations will by default acquire this stock status. To this we have added the ability to set the location type by licence plate type. Together, these features give much more control over the stock status applied by default to different types of licence plates.

Order processing

We’ve also added a number of notable new features relating to order processing on the system.

With OrderFlow 4.1.5 you can now create a new single line shipment against an existing order. Previously, it was only possible to add an order line to an existing shipment.

When adding order lines, either to new orders or updating existing order lines, it’s now possible to use the OrderFlow desktop GUI to set the picking discriminator, which is typically used to distinguish between B2C and B2B shipments, for example.

There’s now also a batch picking feature that allows you to pick item by item to subdivided carts. With this feature enabled, each item picked would require a scan of the target picking location.

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