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“OrderFlow, they never let us down”

OrderFlow clients have regular visits, onsite brainstorming and fast, hands-on support from our technical team.
"... we know that we can get in touch with OrderFlow, and they’ll drop everything straight away and help us"
Gaël Mézec, Professional Fulfilment Service
"They take issues that affect our service levels really seriously and they never let us down."
Four different OrderFlow customers talk about their experience of the service
"... but even out of hours and at weekend, I’ve had issues and again, they’re always available"
Jonathan Jenkins, Director of Logistics for Peacocks

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OrderFlow MD Charlie answers some of your questions.
Our company’s growing quickly and our current WMS has already reached its limitations, will OrderFlow last longer?
Yes. Every WMS provider promises to deliver warehouse efficiency. The difference with OrderFlow is that the launch is just the starting point. We will continue to work with you to deliver those 1% improvements to ensure your service can evolve in line with the needs of your business.
What is the difference between OrderFlow and cheaper alternatives?
The customised nature of OrderFlow, high response times and tailored support mean it’s suited to companies with more complex requirements - it’s not an off-the-shelf, entry-level system. When we’re a good fit, OrderFlow has a much higher ROI than other options you’re looking at.
It's all about the relationship we have with our customers
Delivering value as a WMS

Reached the limits of your current WMS?

When you’ve reached the limitations of your current WMS and have ambitions beyond your existing warehouse, you need a service that can be continually optimised to meet your changing needs. Partnering with OrderFlow helps you deliver the efficiencies you’re looking for and stay one step ahead – far into the future.

OrderFlow warehouse management system running on mobile devices
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“The team is really good at understanding what we’re trying to do, then creating real-life processes that solve the problem.”
Jonathan Jenkins | EWM Group

The OrderFlow service difference

One of the reasons many of our clients have worked with us for 10+ years is our partnership approach to your warehouse management. Our team is hands-on, familiar with your environment and highly responsive to your requests – there’s no waiting for days to raise a ticket. And we start with a scoping exercise at your premises, where we listen to exactly what your WMS needs to provide.

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No matter what the need might be, we can pick up the phone to the help desk and be certain of a quick response - and that is hugely reassuring.
Josh Buckwell, Urban Industry

A customisable solution for complex workflows

A blend of integration and development, OrderFlow is configured to your environment and fine-tuned to support your complex business processes. Rather than degrading post-launch, OrderFlow continues to deliver 1% improvements as you need them.

Your long-term warehouse partner

No long wait times and feeling like you’re in a queue, at OrderFlow you have ongoing, direct access to our senior team. They’re familiar with your warehouse, understand your plans and will start working on your request immediately.

You’ll never outgrow OrderFlow

Unlike an off-the-shelf system which can only meet your immediate needs, OrderFlow grows with you. As your processes become more sophisticated and automated, OrderFlow is continually refined to keep you one step ahead.

Technology configured to your needs

OrderFlow is a powerful WMS platform that gives you the flexibility to run your warehouse operations the way that suits your business best. It’s modular design allows you to deploy the functionality you need as your business grows and changes.
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Are we a good fit?

We do our best work in challenging environments – working with dynamic businesses looking beyond efficiencies and automation. If you’re managing complex workflows or multiple warehouses, and you want a long-term partnership with a small team of experts who understand your business intimately, let’s start with a conversation.

Warehouse manager leaning on boxes while he thinks about his ideal WMS and order processing platform
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“Besides the quality of the product, it’s also the company culture, I really enjoy working with the team. Everyone I’ve dealt with is professional, accommodating, and really knows what they’re doing.”
Patrick Secor | Social Imprints

Arrange a demo to discuss how OrderFlow could help your business

Leave your contact details and we will get in touch to schedule a time for a remote meeting.

Meetings typically take around 45 minutes to an hour. We will take time to understand the particular characteristics of your business before walking through an informal demonstration of the OrderFlow platform that focuses on the areas most relevant to you.

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Driven to help our customers succeed ...

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Warehouse manager looking at tablet and thinking about WMS and order processing
“Besides the quality of the product it’s also the company culture, I really enjoy working with the team. Everyone I have dealt with is professional, accommodating and really knows what they are doing.”
Patrick Secor | Social Imprints
“Per order turnaround has halved, picking accuracy increased from 95% to 100% and we halved the time needed to get new warehouse staff operational.”
Jamie Sands | Group Operations Support and Sytems Manager | Welchs Transport
“OrderFlow adapted their system to meet our requirements and we went live on time with very few IT challenges. We picked, packed and shipped 8,000 items on the first night and the operation has run reliably since.”
Gael Mezec | CTO | ProFulfilment
“The whole process went very smoothly, as we had expected, and the system quickly began to contribute to efficiencies and streamlined processes at both sites.”
Robbie Ferns | MD | Nexus Fulfilment
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